Wooden Alarm Clock

Wooden Alarm Clock

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• Power-Saving Mode ("--: sd"-- close, “on: sd"--open)
• Time Display: 12H / 24H
• 3 Group Alarm
• Two Display Modes (DP-1: Time + Temperature / Date + Year, DP-2: Time + Temperature)
• °C/°F Display of Thermometer
• Brightness: L1, L2, L3 adjustable
• Weekend Alarm: "- -: E" --alarm open, “on: E"--alarm close
• Power Supply: DC 5V-6V input or AAA battery (not included)
• Size: 150 x 45 x 70 mm (L x W x H)


②---Up (℃/℉ switch)
③---Down (voice switch)
④--- DC 5V
⑤--- Battery

Sound Control

The clock will always light up if sound control is closed. Once opened, the display will will turn off after 15 seconds.
①---sound control close
②---sound control open

Two Display

①--- time + temperature
②--- year + date
③ : dp-1 : ①and ② display rotation
④ : dp-2 : only show ①

12H / 24H Show

①---afternoon light

3 Group Alarm

--:R1 is close
ON:R1 is open


Weekend Alarm

ON:E --- weekend alarm close
--:E --- weekend alarm open

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Type: Alarm Clocks
Motivity Type: Digital
Feature: LUMINOVA,Calendars
Weight: 240g
Material: Bamboo & Wooden
Screen Type: LED
Style: Modern
Diameter: 150mm
Function: Acoustic Control Sensing
Shape: Square
Model Number: clocks
Display Type: Digital
Width: 40mm
Form: Single Face
Length: 150mm
Brand Name: FiBiSonic
Material : MDF with PVC